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Musgrave MarketPlace April 2019 Food Trends BACK

April 2019 Food Trends

Inspiration | 22nd March 2019

Deirdre Moriarty is the Musgrave MarketPlace trends expert. Below she discusses the food trends that have caught her eye this month.

“Its been a busy month for me, which started with a great meeting with our panel of health experts where we discussed healthy snacking, the importance of sleep and good sleep hygiene, and ways to get more active. I also visited one of our foodservice academy suppliers Mungo Murphy in beautiful Rossaveal Co. Galway with our panel of chefs to do some foraging and learn more about seaweed. It’s such an interesting product, and we learned so much from Cindy and Sinead from Mungo Murphy. And there are lots in this months trend update too! This month, with health and sustainability still on my mind, I look at the expansion of Veganism and ask has it gone mainstream, a new company delivering your shopping and making it easier to recycle plus can technology help us to drive loyalty in our customer base?”

Have a great month!

Has Vegan Gone Mainstream?

Plant-based eating has been called out as a key foodservice trend for the last number of years, but I always got a sense that there was some scepticism about its longevity. It’s so interesting to see that vegan options have now filtered onto the agendas of some of the key players in the foodservice and retail markets. McDonald’s has introduced a vegan option to its Happy Meal range, Greggs in the UK has introduced a vegan sausage roll, and in retail, Ben and Jerry’s now have a vegan ice cream offering. I think it fair to say that plant-based eating has now become ingrained in our food culture and is here to stay.

Loop – A New Way To Recycle

Some of the world’s largest brands are developing reusable packaging thanks to a new company “Loop”, which launched this year at the World Economic Forum in Davos. On Loop, you can order your groceries and have them delivered in reusable containers. Loop will then pick up the packaging, and reuse or recycle it. Loop will launch this spring in two trial locations, France and New York. Still not sold? In essence, Loop will take the hard work out of recycling and put the ownness back on the producer of the product rather than the consumer. Sounds good to me and it definitely taps into the needs of a time-poor consumer. Some big names already on board include Procter & Gamble, Mars, Coca-Cola and Unilever.

Is Technology The Key To Driving Customer Loyalty?

Technology continues to be a key driver for foodservice businesses and their customers. As consumer needs drive them to seek time-efficient ways to order and pay for food, personalisation of products and services and more cashless payment options, foodservice operations need to ensure they are keeping as up to date as possible with changes in technology to lock in that loyalty and allow them to interact with customers in a more meaningful way. A great example of a company using technology to tap into and meet some of these consumer needs is Meal Plan, a US based company offering a lunch subscription plan. Meal Plan allows you to order and pay for your lunch on an app, skip the queue and save money by committing to 20 lunches per month at just $6 per lunch. You can choose from a range of options and in big cities like New York, a $6 lunch can be hard to find!

This month I’ll be;

  • Meeting with 2019 Foodservice Academy suppliers
  • Doing a food safari in Dublin
  • Trying out Gillian McConnells raw carrot cake recipe

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