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Clément’s Restaurant Takeaway Tips

Inspiration | 9th April 2020

Throughout the pandemic, we have been working and supporting some of our customers in reorganising their business and here are a few of Head Development Chef Clément Pavie’s restaurant takeaway tips to ensure you can provide restaurant-quality food at home.

Revisit and adapt your current menu

You will have most likely reorganised your kitchen in order to keep social distancing rules in place for you and your colleagues. I suggest creating a menu where one person can prep the mise en place on their own.

Create a menu that enables you to offer dishes that will travel well as you don’t want to slip on quality. Choose items that deliver on flavour and keep their desired appeal whilst travelling.

Separate the sauces

Don’t dress salad leaves as they won’t travel well, place your sauce in a separate container and have your customers dress it at home. You will also need to think about travel conditions and possible spillages so use sturdy and suitable packaging. We offer a full range of packaging solutions, view some of our most popular items here.

Avoid condensation

Pierce takeaway containers with a hole especially for crispy and battered items, you would never make a nice delicious dish and close it in a box. Therefore, always pierce your container with a hole, preventing crispy items from losing their crunch.

Keep hot and cold items in separate bags

When packing an order, separate your fresh, cold items from your hot dishes. You can also include reheating instructions should your customers need them.

Make the experience extra fun

Include reheating instructions but you can also show how to plate up, so they really feel like they’re dining in your restaurant. This is where you can use social media to show how to do it in a few easy quick steps.

Stagger your orders

As you will have presumably less staff in the kitchen in order to practice social distancing, when taking orders over the phone or online, stagger the orders in a way that suits your capacity to cook the food in time and arrange for a dedicated pick-up time for each customer to reduce contact.

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