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Discover What’s New With Clément Pavie this July

Inspiration | 5th July 2019

Chef Clément Pavie shares the products he is loving and using at the moment.

I am very often asked for innovative dressing ideas and recipes. Choice of ingredients is so important especially when it comes to vinegars, mustard and oils.

We have a great selection of oils here in Musgrave Marketplace. From these, two Irish produced oils really stand out.

Wicklow Rapeseed Oil is part of our FoodService Academy range, 100% natural, cold press, clean and with a fruity flavour. Their range includes infused oils, like chilli, garlic and lemon which are fantastic in dressings.

Another fantastic oil I would recommend, recognised by many other chefs in Ireland, is Collar of Gold oil. Also a rapeseed oil, its clean method of production gives it a neutral flavour, great for dressings and emulsions like mayonnaise but also ideal for frying and baking as a substitute to butter.

If you can’t make your own dressing because of lack of time, skill or space, we have some exciting dressings with innovative flavours. My two favourites from the Olives et Al range are the Shallot and Orange, and the Thyme and Beetroot dressing. The Chilli and Ginger is quite hot and works great as a marinade too.

Salad Dressing - Musgrave MarketPlace

Very on trend, we have a great selection of premium breads, sourdough or flavoured breads, ideal for an open summer sandwich! In French, we call them tartines.

Check out the sourdough boule, the bacon and onion loaf or the buckwheat grand sourdough loaf, they will give a consistent and artisanal feel to your menu!

Artichoke Hearts - Musgrave MarketPlace

Topped with a selection of continental meats, Irish cheeses, or using the girolles and stem on baby artichokes from our frozen Magda range; just pan-fry or chargrill with some extra virgin olive oil and a persillade…spoon over a slice of freshly baked bread, it’s delicious!

Have a great July! Until next month,

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