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Discover What’s New With Clément Pavie this September

Inspiration | 2nd September 2019

Chef Clément Pavie shares the products he is loving this September. Read on to Discover What’s New with Clément! 

You can’t beat a great pizza, and if you use your imagination, you can make something excellent!! At Musgrave MarketPlace, we have everything to make an outstanding pizza, like the Grandi Molini top quality pizza flours. Some of you might have attended one of the workshops we hosted recently with Davide D’auria and are familiar with these flours, but even if you have a smaller restaurant without machinery and you’d still like to serve Pizza in your business, then why not try our excellent frozen Pizza dough balls? (see below).

Frozen Pizza Dough Balls

This is a fantastic product! Simply defrost and use, it makes beautiful pizzas with light and crispy bases…married with a Mutti tomato pulp, it also makes a great base for a delicious dish!!!

Also, as I like to think outside the box, when I first tried this pizza dough, I automatically saw it as something you can do much more with… I like to use it to make fresh bread rolls for an Italian style sandwich, it’s also ideal to make fresh focaccia and breadsticks… The possibilities are endless!

Sweet Dreams

I am delighted to say we have just brought beautiful French Style Éclairs into our business. We worked very closely with a local Irish supplier to develop these. Ideal for coffee shops, tea rooms and hotel afternoon tea. They come in 4 different flavours; Raspberry, Chocolate, Lemon Meringue & Salted Caramel. They have a crispy shell with a soft bite, filled with flavoured custard cream and topped with glossy colour glaze, this is very close to my heart, I believe this could be the new cupcake trend. *You can buy 14 x 65g for only €18.49 or €1.32 per éclair.

French Style Éclairs now available at Musgrave MarketPlace

*Éclairs available in selected branches only.

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