Easter Chocolate Hollow Figures BACK

Easter Chocolate Hollow Figures

Inspiration | 23rd March 2021

Chocolate is (nearly) always welcomed as a great idea, but would chocolate be also a great idea for your business? In 2021, after a challenging year with new ways of living, working and consuming, the sentiment among consumers is that they “deserve a treat”. If you’re interested in entering the chocolate industry, a good side door would be the celebratory dates, such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Days and many others happening all year round. Hollow figures and Easter eggs are a great option to test the waters and to test your local market demand as well.

The essentials on Chocolate Hollow Figures
First, you need the right equipment to optimise your performance, from gloves to keep those fingerprints away from your chocolate, to scrapers to avoid any waste. Here are some of the essential tools we recommend you investing before getting started, and make sure to add good polycarbonate moulds to your list as well:


And, obviously, the one item you cannot forget: the chocolate. With a large variety of cocoa percentage options, chocolate fluidity and flavour range, from fruity to sour and bitter, picking the right chocolate for your products and your brand is an important task. Click Here to check out our Callebaut product range.

Chocolate Hollow Figures Tips & Techniques
Hollow figures offer endless possibilities, and to bring to you the best techniques out there, we invited Callebaut, our Belgium chocolate specialist supplier, with over 100 years history. Callebaut chocolate is relied on every day by chefs and chocolatiers to create great tasting delights and now they will take us through the hollow figures crafting, from the basics to the decorating techniques that will really make your figures stand out.

What makes the perfect hollow figures?
Choosing the right chocolate for hollow figures
How to make chocolate figures with a mould
Getting creative with hollow figures

Now you know the technique and the product and tools you need to get started. Visit your local branch or shop online and join the growing chocolate industry.

Want to learn more?
Join Callebaut’s free live stream workshop on Spring Cakes with Mark Tilling, designed for all levels learners and all chocolate professionals. Learn how to create the ultimate Spring Cake with chocolate and caramel filling, how to coat with marbled sugar paste and include some effective decoration to elevate your cake.