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January Food Trends 2019 - Musgrave MarketPlace BACK

January 2019 Food Trends

Inspiration | 21st December 2018

“January is a great time to press reset on your diet or make changes to your menus, I am going to speak to our consultant dietitian Gillian McConnell for some tips to get me back on track after the indulgences of Christmas. Why not call into one of our Food Emporiums for some advice from our in-house Development Chefs to change up your menus or check out some of the great new products from our Foodservice Academy suppliers. This month we look at some good news for peanut allergy sufferers, an expensive tipple in Dublin and the new Nutella café in New York.” Deirdre Moriarty – Musgrave MarketPlace Trends Expert

Good News for Peanut Allergy Sufferers

A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has found a new drug that can allow some peanut allergy sufferers to tolerate small amounts of peanuts. As the number of people with a peanut allergy continues to grow this is a great breakthrough.

It’s Your Round!

If Santa brought you some extra cash and you are a fan of brandy, you should check out the Remy Louis XIII Cognac on sale in the Morrison Hotel, where a shot of the one-of-a kind brandy will set you back €160!

Nutella Café

If you have any trips to New York coming up be sure to check out the newly opened Nutella café, it’s the second site for Nutella with its first café opening in Chicago. It’s a real treat for lovers of the brand with a range of products from Nutella French Toast to Nutella Blondies. Even the décor is Nutella inspired.