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January 2020 Health Trends

Inspiration | 17th January 2020

Aisling McCarthy is the Musgrave MarketPlace Own Brand and Health Advisor. Below she discusses the January 2020 health trends that have caught her eye. This January, our trends report is all about fresh, healthy veggies and the increased demand for convenience food.

This month I decided to focus on improving my portion sizes at each meal. Portion control is a key step in becoming healthier and many people are unsure what portions they should be eating. I found using a portion control plate has helped me master portion sizes for each meal. A portion control plate indicates the correct amount of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables and fruit you should eat at each meal. If you are someone that doesn’t know what portions you should be eating I would recommend trying this out.

This month I will be discussing the growth of veganism in the foodservice industry and how convenience food-to-go is set to grow.

Veggie Focused Dishes

Vegan and eco-friendly diets are set to be a key focus for the foodservice industry in 2020 as many customers are turning away from traditional protein sources like meat. Veganism taps into both health and sustainability which are two trends set to expand. More and more food operators are offering vegan options that still provide you with important nutrients such as iron, calcium, and protein. Some research has shown that following a vegan lifestyle correctly can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Try some of our vegan offerings in your local MarketPlace such as vegan burgers, vegan Moroccan soup or vegan mozzarella.

Convenience is set to grow

The demand for healthy food-to-go is constantly growing due to consumers’ busy lifestyles. People are looking for products that are healthy by being low in sugar, salt, and saturated fat and good for the environment by using sustainable packaging. Meal kits and ready meals are not a new trend, but food operators are now providing healthier options by reducing salt and sugar content and
offering portion control to consumers on the go.

That’s all for this month!

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