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Musgrave MarketPlace July 2019 Food Trends BACK

July 2019 Food Trends

Inspiration | 10th June 2019

Deirdre Moriarty is the Musgrave MarketPlace trends expert. Below she discusses the July 2019 food trends that have caught her eye.

It was great to see so many of our Foodservice Academy suppliers at Bloom in May and go on a road trip to Cork with this year’s participants. As always, there’s lots happening on the Cork food scene and I had an opportunity to call into Cork Coffee Roasters and Alchemy for a coffee fix, Ali’s Kitchen for brunch and Miyazaki for some of the best Japanese food you can get your hands on this side of Tokyo. It is interesting to see how globalised the food industry has become with lots more international chains making their way to our shores, and flavour profiles and ingredients that were so new to us just a few short years ago, now becoming mainstream. This takes us nicely to this month’s trend update! In this month’s update, I look at Leon’s first Irish outlet, the rise of the sweet potato and give a quick update on sustainability. Have a great month!

Leon Opens Its First Irish Outlet

One to watch on the Irish fast-casual scene is Leon. The company opened its first Irish outlet in Temple Bar in early May with plans to grow to 23 outlets in Ireland by 2023. Leon specialises in healthy, fast-casual food with a focus on Mediterranean flavour profiles. Founded in 2004, the company has 63 outlets predominantly in the UK but also in Europe and they have recently opened their first US outlet. I’ve been to Leon in the UK quite a few times and find it’s a great option for healthy, fast casual food, I was also at the Dublin opening and the new store looks great, be sure to check it out if you are in the area!

Food Manufacturers Sweet on Sweet Potatoes

If you are a sweet potato fan then you are in luck, as NPD using sweet potato increased by 21% between 2015 and 2018 according to recent research by Innova Market Insight. What’s driving this; the colour, the nutrients, a renewed focus on plant-based foods and the flavour appear to be the key drivers. A recent USDA report showed that there was a 38% increase in the acreage given to sweet potatoes, so it looks like your favourite sweet potato fries are here to stay.

Lots Happening in Sustainability

Sustainability continues to be a key focus for both retail and foodservice operators. Selfridges have announced they will no longer be using palm oil in any of their own brand products. A new sustainable café has opened in Dun Laoghaire called Ink, focusing on local seasonal sourcing, eliminating single-use plastic and reducing food waste by pickling, fermenting and using coffee grounds for compost. I am going to add Ink to my ever-expanding list of places to check out. Finally, when I say London marathon what springs to your mind? Training, achievement, people running in crazy costumes, lots of plastic water bottle on the ground?!? Well, the last could be a thing of the past as this year the organisers of the marathon trialled edible water capsules. The edible pouches made from seaweed by London company Skipping Rocks Lab are also biodegradable.

This month I’ll be:

  • Attending Taste of Dublin
  • Doing a Food Safari in Amsterdam
  • Popping into Leon for a healthy, fast and casual lunch

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