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Irish Festival goers Go Green as Demand for Sustainable Packaging Rises

Press Releases | 4th July 2019

Half of Irish festival attendees are more likely to purchase from a vendor who does not use single use plastic.

With festival season about to kick off, Irish festival-goers are becoming a lot more eco-conscious. That’s according to new research* from Musgrave MarketPlace, Ireland’s leading foodservice supplier.

The research into Irish festival habits reveals that 80% of people polled say it’s important for food vendors to offer sustainable packaging including compostable cups and cutlery, and half say they are more likely to purchase food and drink from vendors who don’t use single-use plastic. So important is this, that 62% say they will seek out food and drink sellers who have a reputation for environmentalism at the next festival they attend.

Eco-friendly products sales surge

The move towards less plastic is also reflected in the growing demand for compostable products at Musgrave MarketPlace. Earlier this year, Musgrave MarketPlace reported that sales of eco-friendly products were up 198% in the first nine weeks of the year, with that figure rising to 228% by June 2019.

The biggest areas of product growth within the Musgrave MarketPlace eco-friendly range are sales in coffee cups and lids (up 210% in 2019) and takeaway containers (up 227% in 2019). Sales have also been on the rise for compostable straws with almost 3.3 million of these sold at Musgrave MarketPlace in the first half of 2019. Other eco-friendly products supplied by Musgrave MarketPlace include cutlery, bowls, plates, cutlery, and trays.

The healthy option?

Over 3 in 4 (78%) say they find it hard to stick to a healthy eating regime when attending a festival, so it’s no surprise that 81% say they would like to see healthier options available on-site.

Food is a huge part of what makes a festival according to 59% and 62% say that they often try a food for the first time when they are there.

Almost half (48%) say they purchase all their food from vendors at a festival while a more frugal 51% say they buy some items but also bring food along with them. Three quarters of those polled spend up to €30 per day on festival food while 1 in 4 spend more than €30 a day.

Commenting on the findings, Desi Derby, Marketing Director, Musgrave MarketPlace said:

“Our research shows that Irish consumers are becoming a lot more conscious of their plastic usage and are actively seeking out brands and companies who are trying to reduce single use plastic. This is not only good for the environment, but also good for businesses who opt for sustainable packaging, with festival-goers more likely to purchase from these vendors.

 At Musgrave MarketPlace we supply many of the largest music festivals in Ireland and we understand this shift in demand from consumers. That is why we have expanded our sustainable packaging ranges which will, in turn, help significantly reduce single use plastics at festivals in Ireland. This is a trend that’s not going away, and we look forward to working with food vendors around Ireland to help them become more sustainable.”

*Survey carried out among 201 festival attendees aged 18 +

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