How Many Festive Treats Irish Consumers Will Stock Up On This Christmas

Press Releases | 6th December 2018

  • 1 million Jacobs biscuits will be bought in Musgrave MarketPlace over the festive period
  • 820,256 bags of Tayto crisps will be sold in Musgrave MarketPlace over the coming weeks
  • 35,000 tubs of Cadbury’s Roses will be placed in Musgrave MarketPlace shopping trolleys before Christmas
  • 59,400 boxes of Milk Tray will be snapped up by Musgrave MarketPlace customers
  • 123,390 mince pies will leave the Musgrave MarketPlace shelves

 It’s the season to eat, drink and be merry and our latest figures show that many of our customers will be stocking up on our favourite festive treats this Christmas. As Ireland’s leading wholesale supplier to foodservice, retail and SMEs, we forecast that this year sales of crisps, chocolate and biscuits will increase by 6% at Musgrave Marketplace.

The figures were launched as part of our ‘Christmas Made’ campaign which offers customers everything they need for a perfect Christmas under one roof!

We predict that between now and Christmas, we will sell over 20,000 tins of Jacobs biscuits which amounts to over 1 million individual biscuits! We will also sell 35,600 tubs and bags of Roses, 59,400 boxes of Milk Tray and a whopping 17,477 cases of Tayto Crisps which equates to 820,256 bags of crisps!

When it comes to the most popular Jacobs biscuits sold at Musgrave MarketPlace, the ‘Afternoon Tea Tin’ assortment is a best-seller, this Christmas Irish consumer will munch our way through 404,928 of these tasty treats. Customers will also make our way through 154,470 ‘Chocolate Kimberleys’ and over a quarter of a million (272,640) USA biscuits.

It’s a sure sign the festive season is underway when there’s a tin of Roses hidden in the kitchen cupboard. This classic treat was first introduced in 1938 and is still as popular today. We expect to sell 35,600 units of Cadbury Roses this festive season in tub and bag form, which equates to a mouth-watering 2,144,000 individual Roses, and weighs more than a whale shark!

Milk Tray is Cadbury’s most popular chocolate choice at Musgrave MarketPlace. Sales of the perennial favourite are set to top 59,400 units this year, equating to 2,376,000 chocolates. That’s enough to treat half the nation, and if laid out the boxes would span 14km!

For savoury snack lovers, crisps are always a must at Christmas and our customers cannot get enough of them. This festive season, approximately 17,477 cases of the iconic crisps will be snapped up. We’ll also be stocking up on mince pies, with sales at branches nationwide expected to be more than 120,000.

Commenting on the seasonal statistics Sheena Forde, Trading Director at Musgrave MarketPlace said: “It’s been a longstanding tradition for many business people and their families alike to come to Musgrave Marketplace and stock up for the festive season on their favourite treats. We’re predicting that this year will be our busiest yet with confectionery sales up 6% year-on-year. As Ireland’s leading wholesale supplier to retail, we are well prepared for demand for treats this Christmas and we look forward to welcoming people in-branch over the next few weeks.”