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Meet Our 2018 FoodService Academy

News | 30th July 2018

The Foodservice Academy is a programme that Musgrave Marketplace run in conjunction with Bord Bia to help small Irish artisan producers grow and develop in the foodservice market. Now in its third year, we work with the participants offering mentoring and guidance in areas such as digital marketing, QA, supply chain and distribution. We love working with some of Ireland’s best local producers and growers and seeing the passion they have for their products. The 2018 Foodservice academy products will be available to purchase from selected Musgrave MarketPlace sites from September.


Absolute Nutrition

Jo Davey is a trained holistic nutritionist, gym-goer and busy Dublin mum that has managed to produce an award-winning paleo, protein and energy treats and snack collection.  Visit the Absolute Nutrition website to learn more.


Ardsallagh Goat’s Cheese

Dedication and hard work result in pure quality. Jane Murphy and her family dedicate all their time to making the perfect goat’s milk products. Visit the Ardsallagh website to learn more.

Ballykilcavan Brewery - FoodService Academy 2018

Ballykilcavan Brewing Company

Based in Stradbally, Co. Laois, David’s family have owned and run their farm since 1639 and are now opening an on-farm craft brewery. They are now producing an amazing range of craft beers, with 100% of the barley used in brewing grown on their farm. Visit the Ballykilcavan website to learn more.


Coolattin Cheddar

The Burgess family has been producing top quality milk from their pasture fed cows in West Wicklow for twenty years. They wanted to develop a product which reflected this quality and decided it would be Mature Raw Milk Cheddar… “Pasture to Cheddar in the same day”. Coolattin are busy maturing cheese for us, but its so good that you will need to wait until 2019 to try some! Visit the Coolattin Cheddar website to learn more.Everest-Granola-FoodService-Academy-2018

Everest Granola

Seamus Tighe is a health focused individual with a busy lifestyle. It was this lifestyle that led him to the idea of Everest Granola. His on the go gourmet granola cups are full of natural ingredients, high in fibre and protein – and low in fat. Visit the Everest Granola website to learn more.

Inch House Pudding - FoodService Academy 2018

Inch House Pudding:

Producers of fresh pig’s blood black pudding and Irish pork white puddings, by hand, using natural ingredients, made to a fourth-generation recipe. Visit the Inch House website to learn more.

King of Kefir FoodService Academy 2018

King of Kefir

Natural full flavoured, low calorie soft drinks, teeming with microbiome friendly cultures from water kefir. These hand crafted water kefir drinks are produced in small batches in the Chocolate Factory, in the heart of Dublin. Visit the King of Kefir website to learn more.Lainey's Handmade Food - FoodService Academy 2018

Lainey’s Handmade Foods

Producers of a range of confectionary products. A modern celebration of traditional family favourites that taste like home. Visit Lainey’s Handmade Food website to learn more.

Nutterly Nutritious - FoodService Academy 2018

Nutterly Nutritious

Fiona’s Nutterly Nutritious is an award winning premium range of 100% natural Activated and Roasted Nut Butters, lovingly crafted and carefully blended in Kildare using only the finest quality ingredients to bring you a nutterly tasty, clean and healthy snack food. Visit Fiona’s Nutterly Nutritious website to learn more.

Vada Pow - FoodService Academy 2018

Vada Pow

Bombay style street food that uses fresh herbs, ground spices and Irish potatoes to create a product like you’ve never tasted before. Visit the Vada Pow website to learn more.

Virginia Foods - FoodService Academy 2018

Virginia Foods / Squbes

An Irish health food company with a passion for living and a love of nature. Producers of a range of healthy snacks with sensational flavours that are crunchy, convenient, close to nature, and completely nutritious. Visit the Virginia Foods website to learn more.

Walshe's Bakehouse- FoodService Academy 2018

Walsh’s Bakehouse

Bakers of the PGI-awarded Waterford Blaa, an indigenous bread for the south-east of Ireland, in addition to a wide range of artisan breads for foodservice. Visit the Walsh’s Bakehouse website to learn more.

Wexford Preserves - FoodService Academy 2018

Wexford Home Preserves

Making luxury jams and marmalades by hand since 1988, using an age-old family recipe and 100% natural ingredients. Visit the Wexford Home Preserves website to learn more.