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5 Beers and Wines That We Love for Taste & Value

Products | 17th September 2018

The accompanying drink can make or break any meal and with consumers as conscious as ever about what they are drinking, from both a quality and value perspective. To help you bolster your offering, we’ve chosen 5 wines and beers that are sure to catch the eye on your menu and included some ideal food pairings.

Soprano White
A great value Italian white with a blend of Trebbiano and Chardonnay grapes from the D’Avola Region.

An elegant and full dry wine, delicate straw yellow colour, fresh on the pallet and excellent with seafood.

Galway Bay Full Sail IPA
Galway Bay Full Sail IPA is an Irish craft beer made by Galway Bay Brewery who have been brewing since 2009.

The beer is 5.8% ABV and the acidity and hop bitterness makes it great for standing up to spicy foods, such as Indian and Mexican dishes.

Navarro Correas Los Arboles Malbec
The Malbec grape has burst into life with the Irish red wine drinker in the last decade and has never been so popular.

The Los Arboles Malbec from Mendoza in Argentina is full of red fruits along with nice soft spicy tones, is easy on the pallet and very quaffable.

It goes perfect with beef or pork

Foxes Rock Gluten Free Lager   
A great beer for anybody who wants to remove or cut down on gluten in their diet.

Made from all-natural ingredients in Drogheda, this lager is light crisp and refreshing in every sip.

Santa Luz Alba Sauvignon Blanc
Sold through our foodservice channel only the Santa Luz Alba Sauvignon Blanc is an excellent example of Sauvignon Blanc from Chile’s Central Valley.

This wine boasts flavours of tropical fruit and citrus on the palate. Like the majority of Chilean Wines, this wine way over-delivers on flavour versus the price.

You can also pick up the influence of citrus in the beer and the finish is very soft and gentle on the pallet.