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Switch & Save with Musgrave MarketPlace

Products | 21st December 2018

Has your business discovered the savings to be made by switching to Musgrave Own Brands including Musgrave Excellence, Musgrave Professional, Musgrave Smart Buy, Simply Meat, Butchers Select and Exclusive Wines?

In November 2018, we challenged two of our FoodService customers to switch some of their key lines to our Own Brand products. The challenge resulted in both customers forecasting savings of between 17% and 35% per year by switching less then 10 products. Imagine the savings your business could make by switching more! Read on to find out which products our customers switched to and what they thought about making the switch.

Throughout this page, we also have an option to ‘Book A Taste Test’ where you can arrange to come into one of our local branches and taste a range of our Own Brands. Alternatively, you can contact our Head Development Chef, Clement Pavie to discuss what we can do for you – 086 858 8268

Customer 1:

Alfies Restaurant - Musgrave MarketPlace Customer

Alfies Restaurant, South William Street, Dublin 2

Products Switched to:
Chopped Tomatoes | 559960 | 1 x 2.55kg 
Tomato Paste | 559963 | 1 x 800g
Demerara Sugar | 543678 | 1 x 3kg 
Caster Sugar | 725412 | 1 x 3kg 
Real Mayonnaise | 542572 | 1 x 10Ltr 
Beef Bouillon Paste 40 Litre | 694287 | 1 x 880g 
Chicken Bouillon Paste 40 Ltr | 694285 | 1 x 880g
Cajun Seasoning | 607779 | 1 x 580g 
Mixed Herbs | 607790 | 1 x 180g

Customer Feedback: “At Alfie’s, we are able to make an annual saving of 17%* by switching to Musgrave Excellence. Anything we can do to increase our profit margin is a positive for our business. We have continued to order Musgrave Excellence products since finishing our trial, and this is due to the fact we haven’t had to compromise on quality and can offer our customers the same great dining experience.” Simon – Head Chef at Alfies

*Savings based on comparison of a selection of 9 key value items listed above against branded alternatives on 03.11.2018.

Customer 2:

Castle Hotel - Musgrave MarketPlace - Switch & Save

The Castle Hotel, Gardiner Row, Dublin 1

Products Switched to:
Pure Basmati Rice | 548166 | 1 x 5kg
White Sugar Sticks | 532353 | 1 x 1000pce
Brown Sugar Sticks | 532355 | 1 x 1000pce
Plain Flour | 492206 | 1 x 16kg
Self Raising Flour | 492211 | 1 x 16kg
Wholemeal Flour | 492212 | 1 x 16kg
Penne Pasta | 538011 | 1 x 16kg

Customer Feedback: “By switching to Musgrave Excellence on 7 staple kitchen products we are able to make an annual saving of 35%. The products are of the same standard as the brand leader so we haven’t had to sacrifice on quality. We will continue to use Musgrave Excellence products and are looking at other products we can switch to in order to further increase our savings.” Ugi Gantulga – Head Chef at The Castle Hotel

* Savings based on comparison of a selection of 7 key value items listed above against branded alternatives on 12.12.2018.

Interested in finding out more about how your business can switch and save thousands each year?

The Musgrave MarketPlace experts are on hand to support you in our Food Theatres with:

  • Product Tastings
  • Operational review to support your business with margin and efficiency goals
  • Menu revision and restructuring to increase cost-effectiveness
  • Staff training – methods for preparing food safely and efficiently.

To see how much you can save by switching to Musgrave Own Brand products, please contact your local BDM.

Alternatively, If you’d like to try our Own Brand Ranges before making the switch you can book a taste test: