Switch & Save with Musgrave MarketPlace

Products | 2nd January 2020

Has your business discovered the savings to be made by switching to Musgrave Excellence?

Grainger’s Hanlon’s Corner currently buy over 40 Musgrave Excellence products. Using these kitchen essentials they’ve saved at least 15% having switched from the brand leader!

Switch and Save with Musgrave MarketPlace
* Savings based on a comparison of 200 Musgrave Excellence products against substitutable brand leading products on sale in-store. Prices checked monthly, prices last checked on Thursday, 24th of October 2019, and were valid on this date. Please note, the guaranteed 15% saving may be affected when branded products are on promotion.

Interested in coming into one of our local branches to taste a range of our Own Brands? Contact our Chef Team today.

“At Grainger’s Hanlons Corner two things we don’t compromise on, are quality and consistency. It is very important to work with the best suppliers who deliver the finest quality products. Musgrave MarketPlace stands top of my supplier list. After switching to the Musgrave Excellence range, it helped our business control costs and maximize profits without compromising on quality. By switching to these three Musgrave Excellence products we can save 23% and will continue to order them to increase our savings.”

Rehan Shahbaz
Head Chef Grainger’s Hanlons Corner
Switch and Save with Musgrave MarketPlace
* Savings based on comparison of a selection of 3 key value items shown above against branded alternatives on 27.11.2019.

Interested in finding out more about how your business can switch and save thousands each year? Contact your local BDM today!

Alternatively, If you’d like to try our Own Brand Ranges before making the switch you can book a taste test by contacting our chef team today.

The Musgrave MarketPlace chefs are on hand to support your business with:

  • Product Tastings
  • Operational review to support your business with margin and efficiency goals
  • Menu revision and restructuring to increase cost-effectiveness
  • Staff training – methods for preparing food safely and efficiently.