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Central Billing

With our central billing package we have teamed up with a wide selection of suppliers to offer you an exceptional delivery service and improved pricing. With central billing you order from the participating suppliers, they deliver your order – but you are invoiced by Musgrave at a lower price than customers who deal directly with these suppliers. How do we deliver this price saving to you? By using our group buying power to negotiate a better price than you could achieve on your own.

The key benefits of central billing with Musgrave MarketPlace include:

  • Lower prices than you can achieve on your own
  • Attractive rebates
  • Lower admin costs – consolidating your purchases with Musgrave helps to reduce your paper work, allowing you to focus on more business critical areas
  • Extensive range – all the major suppliers for retail customers are listed. We also offer a quality fruit & veg central billing offer for foodservice customers
  • Electronic price file for retail customers