A Simple Food Solution for your Business

Having a good food offering in your business has become more important than ever. Musgrave MarketPlace has developed a simple food solution that will help if you are just starting to sell food, or if you want to grow your current food sales. Here we bring you a simple guide in 6 steps to get you up and running.

Pub Food Solutions - Professional Advice Pub Food Solutions - Professional Advice

Professional Advice

Once you have identified the opportunity to serve food in your business, contact your local EHO. There are lots of consultancy firms who support businesses through this process. QHS is an approved partner of Musgrave MarketPlace and can support you with professional advice and training.


Tailored Plan

Food handlers must be fully trained. QHS, or a similar consultancy, will advise on your proposed kitchen plans and how to register your new food business. They will also develop a tailored food safety & HACCP system for your business at a specially discounted rate.

The Food Service Authority of Ireland offers a Self Catering Pack, ideal for those who have not developed their own food safety management system yet, but may also be used by businesses to improve existing systems.

Your Musgrave MarketPlace local branch also offers comprehensive Food Safety Training Programmes for both food handlers and food safety managers.

Pub Food Solutions - Tailored Plan Pub Food Solutions - Tailored Plan Pub Food Solutions - Tailored Plan
Pub Food Solutions - Facilities & Equipment Pub Food Solutions - Facilities & Equipment Pub Food Solutions - Facilities & Equipment

Facilities & Equipment

To get you started, we have developed two facilities & equipment options.

  1. a small range of basic equipment, with little storage space; no skilled chef; no dedicated food team and no extraction

  2. a more comprehensive solution with developed food businesses and a dedicated food area


Food Solutions

We have developed a range of great tasting meals and snacks. These are simple to prepare and will deliver strong margins. Select the best options for your customers from our Quick & Easy Meal Solutions.

Pub Food Solutions - Shop the Ingredients Pub Food Solutions - Shop the Ingredients

Shop the Ingredients

Once your menu is defined, all you have to do is visit your local Musgrave MarketPlace branch or register to shop online. If you need any further information, please contact Clément Pavie, our Head Development Chef, or your local BDM for further guidance.


Get Ready to Sell Online

To help your new food business to thrive, we have prepared a digital marketing tool-kit to support your digital marketing activities.