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Pickling & Fermentation - Gillian McConnell - Musgrave MarketPlace Consultant Dietitian

Pickling & Fermentation


Consultant Dietitian Gillian McConnell discusses Pickling & Fermentation and the part it plays for your menu and your customers gut health. Diners are seeking more unusual flavours, so incorporating fermented foods from kitchen to plate is ideal to generate desirable tastes and textures.

Raw Easter Carrot Cake Recipe - Musgrave MarketPlace

Raw Easter Carrot Cake Recipe

Dessert Recipes

Gillian McConnell is the consultant dietitian for Musgrave MarketPlace. Gillian has worked as a dietitian for over 18 years and brings a huge depth of knowledge in this area. Below, Gillian presents her Raw Easter Carrot Cake Recipe. What You’ll Need 150g of Raw Grated Carrots 100g of Walnut Kernels 70g of Raisins 180g of […]

Mediterranean Diet - Gillian McConnell - Musgrave MarketPlace

The Mediterranean Diet – Best Diet of 2019


Get the low down on what makes the Mediterranean Diet the best diet for 2019 according to US News and World Report!

Veganism - Gillian McConnell - Musgrave MarketPlace Consultant Dietitian

Veganism – What We Should Know


Those who run dining services as part of their operation have a responsibility to keep up with consumer demand, stay in tune with current trends and start allowing plant-based foods to take centre stage. Taking small steps to show that vegan options play a part in your foodservice is a good start and as long as you’re keeping taste in mind, consumers will eat it!

Portion Control - Gillian McConnell - Musgrave MarketPlace Consultant Dietitian

The Importance of Portion Control To Your Business and Customer


In this post, Gillian McConnell, Musgrave MarketPlace consultant dietitian, discusses portion control and it’s importance to your business and your customer’s health.

Sugar Tax and Alternatives

The Sugar Tax and Alternatives


In this post, Musgrave MarketPlace Consultant Dietitian, Gillian McConnell, discusses the incoming Sugar Tax and makes some suggestions to help reduce the impact of this tax on your business.