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Ciaran Sweeney Musgrave MarketPlace

Veg-Centric: Cooking That Celebrates Vegetables with Chef Ciaran Sweeney

Veg-Centric: Cooking That Celebrates Vegetables with Chef Ciaran Sweeney

Ciaran Sweeney Musgrave MarketPlace

Event details

  • Musgrave MarketPlace Cork, Ballycureen, Airport Road, Cork, T12 TN99.
  • 7th November 2019
  • Thursday, 11:30AM to 2:00PM

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Veg-Centric: Cooking That Celebrates Vegetables with Chef Ciaran Sweeney

Musgrave MarketPlace Cork, Ballycureen, Airport Road, Cork, T12 TN99.

Thursday, 11:30AM to 2:00PM
7th November 2019


Note: This event is aimed at professional chefs. Content will be most relevant to mid to senior level chefs.

“Most chefs tend to think about the protein element of the dish – the meat or the fish, and then think about a vegetable garnish or sauce that will compliment it”, says chef Ciaran Sweeney, “but what if we turn that around? What if we put the vegetable first, make it the main focus of the dish, and then think about what compliments it and brings out the best in it”.

This masterclass will focus on dishes that put vegetables centre stage. Examining techniques that can bring out the best in vegetables, these dishes will celebrate them and give them the same prominence often reserved for fish and meat.

Get inspired to become more creative with vegetables on your menus and explore the techniques that bring out their best.

Note: This masterclass is about vegetable focussed cooking but is not a vegetarian/vegan masterclass. Some elements of dishes may be meat/fish/dairy-based.

Topics Covered

  • Careful sourcing of vegetables and treating them with respect
  • Creating dishes with vegetables as the main element
  • Making meat/fish the garnish/sauce element to complement the vegetable, rather than the other way around
  • What techniques that bring out the best in vegetables and why


This masterclass will explore traditional and contemporary techniques used in innovative ways to add depth of flavour and texture to vegetables. It will discuss ways that techniques often reserved for meat and fish can be used to enhance vegetables as the main element of a dish.

Techniques will include:

Braising, Steaming, Grilling, Cooking with Seaweed, Salt-Baking & More

Understand how to use the techniques and why to use them.

About the Chef

Originally from Downings, Co Donegal, Ciaran Sweeney began working at the Rosapenna hotel aged 16.

At age 23, he moved to England and started working as chef de partie, then quickly moved on to become pastry chef at the 2 Michelin Starred Champignon Sauvage in Cheltenham under the guidance of David Everitt-Mattiais.

When he returned to Ireland, he worked under Kevin Thornton for two years as senior chef de partie in Thorntons.

He moved to start up The Greenhouse alongside Mikael Viljanen where he went on to become sous chef.

Upon leaving the Greenhouse in 2014 he went to cook in the Market Canteen in Blackrock with owner James Sheridan whilst also setting up the Culinary Counter, pop up restaurant alongside fellow chef Mark Moriarty. Ciaran then went on to do his own residency evening with Forest Avenue restaurant before the opening of Forest & Marcy where he was head chef for 4 years.

Spaces are limited so book your place today.

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