Wine & Party Seasonal Food Pairings

Drink | 6th October 2017

Wine writer, Liam Campbell, has handpicked some of his favourite wines from our range and paired them with our new range of delicious, festive party food.

With Christmas just around the corner, the demand for wine continues to rise and matchmaking them with food can help increase your margins over the busy Christmas period. There are no hard and fast rules for pairing them and trial and error is part of the fun! It’s all about enhancing your customer’s experience, be it cleansing the palate between bites or tickling the tastebuds with contrasting flavours. Read on for Liams’s guide to our seasonal fare!

Marques De Gouliane Sancerre & Café Asiavegetable Gyoza

The Marques De Gouliane Sancerre is France’s most famous expression of the ever popular Sauvignon Blanc grape varietal. Named after a hilltop village on the banks of the River Loire, this Sancerre is a wonderful food pairing wine with lightly spiced vegetables and its green apple and saline mineral palate complements perfectly the Café Asia Vegetable Gyoza.

Emotivo Prosecco & Traditional Canapés 

The Emotivo Prosecco is arguably Italy’s most famous sparkling wine and is extremely popular with Ireland’s wine drinkers. Made with the Glera grape in the Alpine foothills north of Venice, its character is of pure pear and peach fruity flavours with a floral note. It complements traditional canapés extremely well because of its versatility.

Adventure Tempranillo & Roasted Red Pepper Vol Au Vent

The Adventure Tempranillo is made with Spain’s most widely planted black grape varietal. Tempranillo is prized for its excellent balance between refreshing acidity, moderate tannins and alcohol levels. Typically, Tempranillo’s character is of blackberry fruit and it marries easily with oak aging which gives a vanilla and peppery spiciness. It’s a great match with the roasted red pepper vol au vent because it mirrors the peppery filling and the acidity refreshes the richness of the vol au vent’s pastry.

Peter & Peter Riesling & Brooklyn Style Petits Fours

Peter & Peter Riesling is a classic German expression of its most noble and long-lived grape varietal. The natural residual sweetness is a delicate fruity complement to match with the Brooklyn Style Petits Fours, while Riesling’s legendary lemony acidity contrasts with the Petits Fours richness.

Santa Babera Blanc & Café Asia Chicken Steamed Bun 

Santa Babera Sauvignon Blanc has a ripe expression of this very popular grape variety coming from vineyards in parts of Chile which boast a Mediterranean-like climate. Its exotic fruit character with subtle tones of mango and passion fruit and fuller body ensures a great match with the oriental spices of the Café Asia Chicken Steamed Buns.

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