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    Christmas Pudding Recipe

    Dessert Recipes

    What You’ll Need (Makes 10 x 1lb pudding) 500gr Of Sultanas 500gr Of Raisins 1.25kg Of Currants 130gr Of Mixed Peel 12gr Of Mixed Spice 3gr Of Cinnamon 3gr Of Nutmeg 2 Grated Orange Zest 2 Grated Lemon Zest 350ml Of Whisky 150ml Of Rum 350ml Of Guinness 9 Eggs 500gr Of Melted Butter 1kg […]

    Restart your business during COVID-19

    A guide to restarting your Business during COVID-19


    Having a good communication plan, both for staff and customers is key to engaging your team. Ensuring they are aware of social distancing measures, hygiene requirements and respiratory etiquette; and can confidently carry out their duties during service is essential in reassuring diners that all the necessary steps are being taken to keep them safe.

    Restaurant Takeaway Tips

    Clément’s Restaurant Takeaway Tips


    Throughout the pandemic, we have been working and supporting some of our customers in reorganising their business and here are a few of Head Development Chef Clément Pavie’s restaurant takeaway tips to ensure you can provide restaurant-quality food at home. Revisit and adapt your current menu You will have most likely reorganised your kitchen in […]

    Smoked Glazed Bacon Chop - Clement Pavie

    Glazed Smoked Bacon Chop, Buttery Cabbage, Wholegrain Mustard & Parsley Sauce

    Main Course Recipes

    What You’ll Need (Serves 10) 1 rack of smoked back bacon 2 carrots 1 medium onion 10 black peppercorns 1 large savoy cabbage 20 + 60g of butter 100g diced onions 20ml extra virgin olive oil 500ml bacon stock Wholegrain Mustard & Parsley Sauce 50g roux (25g butter + 25g flour) 500ml milk 25g whole […]

    Salt Baked Beetroot, Pine, Pickled Damson & Hazelnut by Ciaran Sweeney

    Salt Baked Beetroot, Pine, Pickled Damson & Hazelnut by Ciaran Sweeney

    Main Course Recipes

    “Most chefs tend to think about the protein element of the dish, the meat or the fish, and then think about a vegetable garnish or sauce that will compliment it, but what if we turn that around? What if we put the vegetable first, make it the main focus of the dish, and then think […]


    January 2020 Health Trends


    Aisling McCarthy is the Musgrave MarketPlace Own Brand and Health Advisor. Below she discusses the January 2020 health trends that have caught her eye. This January, our trends report is all about fresh, healthy veggies and the increased demand for convenience food. This month I decided to focus on improving my portion sizes at each […]

    Baked Lamb Shank in Salt Crust

    Baked Lamb Shank in Salt Crust, Fresh Mint Potato Gnocchi, Red Wine Lamb Jus & Goats Cheese Cream

    Main Course Recipes

    This Baked Lamb Shank in Salt Crust is Chef Clément’s latest recipe. Perfect for that wow factor when it arrives at your customer’s table, the rich taste of the lamb pairs perfectly with the freshness of the mint gnocchi. What You’ll Need 4 lamb shanks Salt and pepper For the Salt Dough 760g strong flour […]

    Holly White Beetroot & Blackbean Burger - Musgrave MarketPlace

    Holly White’s Blackbean & Beetroot Burgers with Guacamole

    Main Course Recipes

    We were delighted to welcome Holly White to Musgrave MarketPlace in 2019. Check out her Blackbean & Beetroot Burger Recipe below, perfect if you’re taking part in Veganuary! What Holly Says: I love burgers like these with or without the bun served with a simple salad and some guacamole. Once prepped they’re quick to heat […]

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