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Be Sugar-Tax Ready – A Simple Overview

News | 2nd March 2018

Update (30.03.18)

We would like to inform you that the Department of Finance have formally extended the Irish SSDT implementation date from 6 April 2018. The extension has been granted to allow for completion of the necessary administrative processes in relation to State aid approval from the EU Commission.

The expectation is that the SSDT will now be implemented in Ireland on 1 May 2018. However, the revised commencement date of 1 May 2018 has not yet formally been confirmed. We will continue to keep you well informed of any further changes.

Aside from the change to the official commencement date, it is important to note that the implications of the SSDT on your business currently remain unchanged as per previous communications.

Why is the sugar tax being introduced?
The Department of Health proposed a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks to help tackle growing levels of obesity in Ireland. It was confirmed in the budget last October that this tax will be introduced in May 2018. It is hoped the tax will encourage people to choose healthier drinks more often, and encourage manufacturers to reformulate by reducing added sugar and delivering healthier products.

We want to support our customers in being ready for this tax so we have put together an easy to read, printable document that gives you a simple overview of the incoming sugar tax.

Download our ‘Be Sugar-Tax Ready’ Overview