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Musgrave MarketPlace FoodService Academy 2019 BACK

Meet Our 2019 FoodService Academy

News | 9th July 2019

Hello and welcome to this introduction of the Musgrave MarketPlace FoodService Academy for 2019. Handmade patés and terrines; organic cider vinegar, sheep milk yogurt and a range of vegan burgers and desserts are just some of the innovative products selected to join the FoodService Academy for 2019. Run by Bord Bia and Musgrave MarketPlace, the programme aims to help participants grow sales within the foodservice, or out of home food market. The initiative also offers the opportunity to achieve growth within Musgrave MarketPlace’s foodservice business, supplying over 6,000 customers each week ranging from hotels and restaurants to pubs and nursing homes.

BlackRed Bakery - Musgrave MarketPlace FoodService Academy 2019

Blackred Bakery

Blackred Bakery is a vegan desserts manufacturer established by two experienced chefs, both of whom are vegans. They wanted to make something unique and special and to show that vegan food can be tastier and healthier. Visit the Blackred Bakery Facebook page to learn more.

Bombay Pantry - Musgrave MarketPlace FoodService Academy 2019

Bombay Pantry

An award-winning range of Indian meals and sauces. Using the freshest locally sourced ingredients where possible, highly experienced native chefs and state of the art kitchens, their promise is 100% natural fresh food. Visit the Bombay Pantry website to learn more.

Bretzel Bakery - Musgrave MarketPlace FoodService Academy 2019

Bretzel Bakery

Fundamental to the Bretzel’s success is its adherence to the production of good food, with an ethos founded on its hundred-year-old traditions. Baking fresh bread daily, it holds a unique position in that it produces artisan hand-made bread on a large scale. Visit the Brezel Bakery website to learn more.

Eden - Musgrave MarketPlace FoodService Academy 2019


A delicious range of five vegetarian and vegan-friendly burgers and bites which are all proudly produced in Ireland. The EDEN product range is steamed rather than fried ensuring a flavoursome, honest and better-tasting meal option. Visit the EDEN website to learn more.

Hassetts Bakery - Musgrave MarketPlace FoodService Academy 2019

Hassets Bakery

Founded in 1984, Hassetts is a leading supplier of high-end bread and confectionery products to restaurants and retail outlets. Visit the Hasssets Bakery website to learn more.

Highbank Orchards - Musgrave MarketPlace FoodService Academy 2019

Highbank Orchards

Highbank Orchards is home to the original and innovative and multi-award-winning Highbank Orchard Syrup. They also produce several delicious Apple juices, including their acclaimed non-alcoholic Drivers Cider as well as Highbank Proper Cider and Medieval Cider, matured on their wild yeasts with no added sulphites. Visit the Highbank Orchards website to learn more.

O’Neills Bacon - Musgrave MarketPlace FoodService Academy 2019

O’Neills Bacon

An award-winning range of Dry Cured bacon products including back rashers, streaky rashers and bacon lardons. Their range is made using 100% Irish Pork. Visit the O’Neills Bacon website to learn more.

On The Pigs Back - Musgrave MarketPlace FoodService Academy 2019

On The Pigs Back

Established in 1992, On The Pigs Back is renowned for its homemade pates and terrines which combine Irish and French traditions. The handmade products use only Irish and where possible local ingredients, with no added preservatives or flavourings. Visit the On The Pigs Back website to learn more.

Truely Irish - Musgrave MarketPlace FoodService Academy 2019

Truly Irish

A range of 100% Irish, Bord Bia Quality Assured premium fresh pork offerings for lunch or dinner menus. Visit the Truly Irish website to learn more.

Velvet Cloud - Musgrave MarketPlace FoodService Academy 2019

Velvet Cloud

A range of handmade natural sheep’s milk yogurt and cheese made on the family farm where the Flanagan family have been farming for generations. Visit the Velvet Cloud website to learn more.

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