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Inspiration | 19th June 2019

In a new blog feature, Head Development Chef Clément Pavie shares the products he is loving and using at the moment.

This month, I’m sharing my top products and tips for saving time in the kitchen, while still packing your dishes with flavour using some fantastic products from the Chef range.

Chef Liquid Concentrates

I really love this range from Chef. The concentrated stocks are a great way to add a punch of flavour to a finished dish. My favourite is the mushroom concentrated stock, I got really excited the first time I tasted it as it brought me right back to when I was working in Michelin star restaurants. The flavour was exactly like a mushroom reduction we used to make a mushroom vinaigrette – the umami flavour of this product is unbelievable. Now more than ever, us chefs are looking for ways to make tasty vegan and vegetarian dishes and I find mushrooms, in general, to be fantastic for delivering on flavour!

Chef Liquid Concentrates Musgrave MarketPlace

The mushroom concentrated stock is perfect for vinaigrettes or dressings. I add a little of the mushroom concentrated stock to a dash of sherry vinegar and good Irish rapeseed oil. Whisk it together and the finished product is delicious!

Another favourite of mine is the Asian concentrated stock. It has great flavours of galangal, garlic and lemongrass. I love to use it as a bouillon on top of egg noodles with some fresh sliced mushroom, scallion and coriander – it makes an extremely good ramen-style soup.

Chef All Natural Stocks

This is a brand-new range to the business and is one I enjoy introducing to chefs as they usually love it just as much as me! They are made from 100% natural ingredients and Chef have been awarded Best Stock Brand for three years in a row for these products. The veal, lamb, beef and chicken stock are ready to use and chefs love it as it means consistent results in their kitchen every time. I use these in traditional sauces and they make a perfect jus.

Chef All Natural Stocks Musgrave MarketPlace

Shop the Chef Liquid Concentrates and Natural Stocks here.

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