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Lamb Kofta Recipe

Main Course Recipes | 5th July 2018

The Dish: Lamb Kofta, Cumin and Coriander Carrot Dip, Pickled Fennel, and Aubergine Caviar.

What You’ll Need (Serves 4)

Lamb Kofta

  • 500g Lamb Mince
  • 2gr Of Ground Cumin
  • 2gr Of Ground Coriander
  • 2 Finely Chopped Garlic Cloves
  • 5gr Of Chopped Fresh Mint
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Carrot Dip

  • 250gr Of Ardo Carrot Puree
  • 2gr Of Coriander Seeds
  • 2gr Of Cumin Seeds
  • 30ml Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pickle Fennel

  • 250gr Of Thinly Sliced Fennel
  • 5gr Of Sugar
  • 5gr Of Salt
  • 1 Clove Of Garlic
  • 200ml Of Cider Vinegar

Aubergine Caviar

  • 1 Large Aubergine
  • 4 Cloves Of Garlic
  • 30ml Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Salt & Black Pepper

Creating The Dish: 

In a large bowl mix all the ingredients together.
Divide into 8 balls.
Roll each ball on a flat top with a cupped hand to turn give them an oval shape.
Thread onto 4 metal skewers and brush with oil.
Cook on hot griddle for 3-4 mins each side.

Carrot Puree
Place the puree and spice in a blender.
Blend until smooth, adding olive oil gradually.
Season with salt and pepper.

Pickle Fennel
Bring the vinegar, salt, sugar and garlic to a boil.
Poor over the thinly sliced fennel.
Leave to marinate over night.

Aubergine Caviar
Cut the aubergine in half.
Score the flesh with a sharp knife.
Go deep into the flesh but do not cut through the skin.
Season with a little salt.
Bake in the oven at 180C for 20 minutes, until the flesh is fully cooked and slightly dark.
Leave to cool down for a few minutes.
Scrape the flesh from the skin into a bowl.
Add in the finely chopped garlic and run a fork through the flesh to shred it and mix it with the garlic.
Season with salt and olive oil.

Bon Appétit

This recipe contains 530Kcal per serving.

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