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Roasted Winter Vegetable Terrine

Roasted Winter Vegetable Terrine with Pistachio & Cumin Oil

Main Course Recipes

Clément Pavie is championing vegetables in his latest vegan recipe. This winter vegetable terrine is ideal for this time of year. Perfect the recipe here.

Clément Pavie - What's New at Musgrave MarketPlace

Discover What’s New With Chef Clément Pavie


In a new blog feature, Head Development Chef Clément Pavie shares the products he is loving and using at the moment. Read his top product picks for June.

Irish Lamb Shank Stew Recipe

Roasted Basil and Tomato Infused Rack of Lamb Recipe

Main Course Recipes

An infused lamb recipe that is sure to be a hit with your customers.

Irish Lamb Shank Stew Recipe

Main Course Recipes

A delicious lamb recipe perfect for Spring time!

BBQ Spare Ribs Recipe

Main Course Recipes

A tasty BBQ Spare Rib recipe, perfect for sharing!

March 2019 Food Trends


This month we look at the new trends in the Irish Diaspora, Sustainability in foodservice and the best diet for 2019!

Musgrave MarketPlace February Food Trends 2019

February 2019 Food Trends


This month we look at the new trends in lab-grown meat and low alcohol drinks, plus consumers fascination with pumpkin spice as a flavour profile.

Switch & Save with Musgrave MarketPlace


In November 2018, we challenged two of our FoodService customers to switch some of their key lines to our Own Brand products. The challenge resulted in both customers forecasting savings of between 17% and 35% per year by switching less then 10 products.

January Food Trends 2019 - Musgrave MarketPlace

January 2019 Food Trends


This month we look at some good news for peanut allergy sufferers, an expensive tipple in Dublin and the new Nutella café in New York.


Irish Mussels Recipes

Main Course Recipes

In-House Chef, Clement Pavie, presents 4 delicious mussels recipes that can work for a variety of occasions and are guaranteed to keep your customers happy.