2022 Foodservice Veganuary Cookbook

Have you heard of Veganuary? A movement that encourages people all over the world to switch to a vegan diet for January – hence the name! The movement promotes and educates people about the vegan lifestyle, and it only gets more and more popular every year.

Alongside vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets have also been favoured by the wider public for health, ethical and environmental reasons. And, it is common for many people to have at least one meat-free meal or day of eating each week.


According to Bord Bia, in Ireland, 14% of the population associates themselves with the vegan diet lifestyle and 24% with flexitarian. With this, many restaurants, including fast-foods, have already expanded their menu to accommodate various dietary requirements. With huge scope for profit, vegan options or alternatives are a must for successful and inclusive food service businesses.


Executive Head Chef Clement Pavie, with Liam Byrd and Katie Moran, TUD alumni students and former beneficiaries of the Musgrave Student Scholarship designed 6 profitable plant-based recipes, that will also save you time in the kitchen. Liam and Katie had the opportunity to experience recipe development and costings management, as well as getting their first taste of photography and stylistic photo editing. Here are their fabulous creative solutions suitable for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, and all Veganuary participants.

Labour-Saving Vegan Recipes

American Style Pancakes 12cm

Beetroot and Red Onion Tarte Tatin

The perfect recipe to impress vegan guests! A twist on the much-loved classic, this delicious juicy Beetroot and Red Onion Tarte Tatin serves 4 people for only €1.19 per portion. By following our delicious recipe, you will avail of an 80% Gross Profit.

Belgian Sugar Waffles

Pulled Oumph Potato Skins

Save time by using this readymade product – a sweet, caramelised, dense waffle, ideally served warm. Again, heat and serve with a choice of toppings. This recipe serves one and each portion will cost you only €1.98, while you make a generous 73% gross profit.

Pidy Gourmet 6 Vol-au-Vent 8cm

Beyond Meat Vegan Burger

The perfect replacement! Our Beyond Meat Vegan Burger is the perfect way to diversify your menu. With only 3 minutes of grilling time needed on each side, this vegan burger is a quick and profitable option at only €3.27 per portion! By following our recipe you will avail of a 72% Gross Profit.

Ottimo Pastas

Caramelized Apple Mille Feuille with Vanilla Vegan Cream

An easy yet impressive sweet vegan treat! Flora cream and Granny Smith apples combine deliciously to create this decadent mille-feuille dessert that serves 4, costing only €1.58 per portion. By following our recipe, you will avail of a 65% Gross Profit.

McColgan's Pies

Pear Crumble with Vegan Whipped Cream or Custard

A comfort food staple, that happens to be vegan! This standout pear crumble will suit any customer’s dietary requirement, featuring Newforge Pear Halves as the key filling. The crumble serves four at only €0.81 per portion. By following our recipe, you will avail of an 82% Gross Profit.

Pidy Gourmet Quiche 11cm

Vegan French Toast

A luxurious breakfast! Our vegan French toast is a time saver in the kitchen and a tasty meal to get the mouth-watering. The French toast serves two at only €1.51 per portion. By following our recipe, you will avail of a 72% Gross Profit.